Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pulau Aman...

The Jetty....

The Boat Is Coming.....

Passanger Boat

The Arrival Of Passanger Boat To The Jetty

The Arrival Of Fishing Boat to The Jetty

Fishing Man not Fisherman....Lots Of People Love To Go Fishing Here...

The Beach

Rubber Milk

Telaga Emas

Another Island Of Pulau Aman ( I Just Know That Pulau Aman Is Actually Have Two Islands)

Fishing Village From A Distance Part I

Fishing Village From A Distance Part II

Flora (near The Jugle Tracking Track)

Clear Water Near The Beach (such a rocky beach there)

The Beach....Such A Clear Water


Tie a Knot....

Fisherman's Village

Fisherman's Village

2nd Bridge Under Construction


Fisherman Village

Another Fisherman's village

Fishing Boat

A Fishing Boat

Near Fisherman's Jetty

Hidden Sign Board

Purple Orchid

Ice Tea and Strawbery Carbonate

Prawn Koey Teow

Ice Lemon Tea

Prawn Mee

A Group Of Birdy Near Jetty

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