Wednesday, October 16, 2019

New Zealand Kami Datang

finally, after turning the globe...
(Google Map)
from London to New Zealand....
from Summer to Winter...
we decided...
Winter in New Zealand....
since we need to fast few more days....

Day 1 Airport - Auckland
Day 2 Auckland - Hamilton - Tauranga
Day 3 Tauranga - Rotorua -Taupo
Day 4 Taupo - Mount Ruapehu - Wellington
Day 5 Wellington - Palmerston North - New Plymouth
Day 6 New Plymouth - Waitomo - Auckland
Day 7 Auckland - Manukau - Airport

First And Last Day - Auckland

2nd Day - Hobitton Movie Set

3rd Day - Rotorua SkyLuge and Gondola
3rd Day - Huka Falls

4th Day - Celebrating Raya At Lake Taupo

4th Day - Celebrating Raya With Snow At Mount Ruapehu

5th Day - Wellington, Victoria University And Botanical Garden

5th Day - Palmerston North, Te Apiti Wind Farm

7th Day - Manukau Light House